About us

Research, Concept, Design, Development & Testing.

Before starting Unless in 2016, Lars and Michèle were working for the Le Wagon coding bootcamp as a teacher and manager respectively. Inspired by the amazing ideas they encountered in their daily lives, working with students, they decided they wanted to spend more time using their skills to create cool things.

Cool things

We're not merely builders, our core philosophy is driven by the need and the want to create cool things, inspiring projects that excite us. Cool things to us are well-thought out things, well-researched things and well-tested things. Project that feel natural and add something to your daily life without intruding.

Currently Lars and Michèle are still frequently working closely with Le Wagon internationally and the Le Wagon community as teachers and alumni coaches.

We're located at B. Amsterdam.

Our Workflow

We aim to develop creative web solutions from the ground up or locate and improve bottlenecks within existing products and services. We'll help you delve deeper into whatever issue or challenge your product might have and, together, come up with a suitable approach to best improve the situation.

What does this entail in the real world? We work together with you to develop your concept creatively, visually and technically. In most cases this leads to a web solution in the form of a website, platform, Internet of Things devise or brand & communication strategy.

Contact us

  • General questions - info@unless.io
  • Lars Böhm - lars@unless.io
  • Michèle de Bruyn - michele@unless.io

Got a cool idea? Drop us a line.